Use OBE, teachers told

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 A GROUP of teachers have been told to continue using the outcomes-based education curriculum because there is no official instruction to scrap it.

Benny Tap, the education reform coordinator for Jiwaka and Western Highlands, told teachers at Kimil Primary School in Jiwaka last Friday that there was no official directive from the Education department to do away with the OBE curriculum from nest year.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had publicly announced the Government’s plan to scrap the OBE curriculum and re-introduce the old one. Because the standard of education in the country had dropped after the introduction of the OBE 10 years ago.

Tap said in the absence of any official directive, the teachers must continue with the OBE curriculum.

“As soon as we receive instructions from the Education Department, we will inform the teachers accordingly. But in the meantime, I want you to continue using the OBE,” he said.

He attended the opening of a new K110,000 library and administration building at the school in Jiwaka.

Meanwhile, Kimil Primary School has been upgraded to Level Six from next year.

Superintendent for elementary – primary schools Simon Sam said school’s ceiling of 18 teachers this year would be raised to 21. 

He said it was a big achievement for the school.