Use of new technology leads to risky behaviour, official says

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PARENTS have been urged to control their children’s use of mobile phones, social media and the Internet as that was a pathway to destruction, a district HIV/AIDS official says.
HIV/AIDS coordinator Steven Taka warned parents and young people in Tambul-Nebilyer, Western Highlands.
Taka, who has lived with HIV for 17 years, called on the parents to take part in the fight against HIV/AIDS by giving proper guidance to their children.
Taka said he made the call because there was not enough awareness on the issue in provinces and districts.
He said strong family values and good parenting was needed to keep young people from putting themselves in risky situations through the use of new technology such as mobile phones, Internet and social media.
“I live with the virus and I know the risks and how people can get infected and communications is one tool that will lead young people in the wrong direction,” he said. “As parents, we have the responsibility to teach the proper ways at home.”
Taka said some high school students were on antiretroviral (ART) medication and that was a concern.
He said he had observed an increase in number of HIV/AIDS cases since 2015.
“This is also a call to the Government and relevant agencies to allocate funding and support more awareness carried out” he said.
“Nowadays, people have no control and they have no plans for their future.”
Taka said parents had a role and that was to guide and teach their children while husbands and wives have to be faithful to each other.
“I want our future generation to live well,” he said.

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