Use our own resources to supply reliable, cheap energy

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 ENERGY supply is as critical as building roads and bridges to sustain the country’s economic growth. 

Using some or part of the gas reserves to build the country’s energy capabilities is simply common sense. 

PNG can also harness solar and wind energy. 

What about using the country’s mighty rivers for hydropower? 

With such resources, the country can provide ample cheap power for bus-inesses and industries to thrive and for the people to enjoy. 

Profits can be maximised and the standard of living pushed up.

PNG Power is a national company and provider of this service. If there is any capacity problem, as they seem to say all year, then they have failed the people of PNG with their unreliable supply. 

Let us invite as many power companies as possible to our shores and give PNG Power a wakeup call. 

Then, we can enjoy more reliable and cheap energy while they lick their wounds.