Use parole system

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 ATTORNEY-General and Minister for Justice Kerenga Kua (pictured) has called on prisoners in jails throughout Papua New Guinea to seek assistance from correctional officers on the operations of the parole system.

Kua pointed out that the parole system, which is operating effectively in Papua New Guinea, is an avenue for prisoners to be released early after completing a third of their jail terms.

“Even if those convicted and sentenced to prison for extended prison terms, there is an opportunity for early release through the parole system, which is operating effectively nationwide.

“Nevertheless, the prisoners must first demonstrate their ability to reform or rehabilitate themselves while serving their jail sentences and become law-abiding citizens when they are released on parole or complete their prison terms,” he said.

Kua added that prisoners should be encouraged to seek advice from correctional officers and the parole board on how the parole system works and how to procure an early release.

 “Imprisonment is a time of slowing down and reflecting on the past, present and future life. Imprisonment is not a bad thing at all. While in prison, prisoners are encouraged to slow down their thinking and action and to do a stock-take of how and where they went wrong.

“After that, they should strategise to become more constructive and better citizens,” Kua said.