Use police escorts, firms told

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013


WEWAK police station commander, Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng is advising companies in the town to use police escort when taking large amounts of money to and from the bank.

It follows the robbing of the Tang Mow supermarket on Monday.

Kasieng said two other business houses lost K8,000 and K21,000 in the past two weeks while trying to move cash using private security firms.

He said companies should reconsider escorts provided by private security companies.

“It is our responsibility to protect lives and properties and we will do it free of charge,” he said.

“Security firms charge fees for their services. From information gathered, the robberies which occurred in less than a month were executed in a professional manner. 

“The robbers attacked when the security guards were about to transfer money to the bank. It questions the impartiality on the part of the security guards.”

Meanwhile, Tang Mow supermarket managing director Michael Tang denied reports that K300,000 was taken during Monday’s heist. The figure was given by the police.

“Furthermore, the robbers went into the shop, held up the security guards, customers and company employees and made away with the money.”

The supermarket re-opened for business yesterday after the management met with police on Monday afternoon.

The vehicle used by the robbers was recovered at Boys Town on Mission Hill.

Kasieng said two of the four robbers including the driver were known to police.