Using common roll for 2012 is wrong


USING of preliminary common roll of 2012 is wrong in that it deprives persons of aged 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years old from voting in this election 2017.
This group of Papua New Guinea citizens were not eligible voters in 2012 but they are eligible voters now in this election 2017.
Their names will not be on the preliminary common roll but must be on the updated common roll.
This is a failure and deprivation of eligible Papua New Guinea citizen’s right to vote.
There were a huge budget for the National Identification project and going back to 2012 roll will now question how this project proceeded.  There should be a published audit on our newspapers for public consumption.
Otherwise this is a waste of big money and should be investigated.
I am a former candidate of 2012 elections and I have checked my name on the electoral roll and could not fine my name, this means I cannot vote in this election.
This implies that common roll updating was poorly done.

2012 Candidate
Simbu Province

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