Using funding as an excuse


IS there a law in Papua New Guinea which says that those in the government side will get a bigger slice of the district development budget? Not those in the opposition?
If there is no such law then why are politicians like John Simon and Jimmy Uguro giving this as an excuse to join the party that they so vigorously campaigned to dethrone in last year’s general elections?
The National Alliance party and the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates should not entertain these two members of the Opposition. Keep them where they are now or leave them stranded in the middle benches.
If we continue to allow members to cross the floor, we will end up with a one-party system, especially if the Government continues to use the power of money to lure members of the Opposition to its side.
PNG’s political system is now dangerously moving towards a one-party democracy.
Imagine what would happen if there was no Opposition to keep the government in check. Important legislations and other decisions that could have a huge impact on our country would be passed without proper debate as we’ve seen so far with the current Government having such a huge majority.
By law, all members of Parliament are supposed to be given an equal share of funds for the development of their electorates, therefore they should not give this lame excuse that their electorates will develop only if they moved over to the government.
Members, please, think. Keep your moral and ethical values close to your heart and serve your people.
We voted for you to follow our wishes and not to go party-hopping and be swayed by any party for whatever reason.
Long live democracy.

Waigani, NCD

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