Using mobile services at appropriate times

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

PAPUA New Guineans could now embrace the benefits of technology.
Obviously mobile services are one of them, among others.
While appreciating the purposes they serve, we the users seem to have problem about using them at appropriate times and right places.
Our main problem is the sick attitude that we have.
We are not really conscious of the effects, including the cost, deprivation, anger and resentment, caused by the mobile phones.
We have experienced that all the customer-oriented services demand each one to queue up and be served.
For example, airline services, banking services, health services, all over the places are just queues here and there.
The customers often get frustrated when all of a sudden the services are being halted purposely to answer mobile phone calls.
I have witnessed such cases in an accidents and emergency section of Port Moresby General Hospital and was so frustrated.
The doctor just put on halt serving the patient and started answering the call.
Accidents and emergency is a place where the officer should be alert and shut off mobile phones.
Answering your girl friend or loved ones should be attended to after official hours.
I have witnessed Air Nuigini officers at the counter doing the same so as the bank tellers.
Service is what is desperately desired and not to hear of your love phone conversations with your friends.
The management of these service-oriented organisations must seriously look into it because each organisation’s services will surely reflect the manager.
I know, the silent majority has experienced for themselves but kept quiet.
The bosses must ensure this attitude stops immediately or suffer the consequences.

Wildwest Wiru
Port Moresby