Usino-Bundi development authority meets out of town


THE Usino-Bundi District Development Authority held its first meeting out of town for the first time last week.
People flocked into the Usino local level government chamber to witness the meeting.
MP Jimmy Uguro said the idea was to allow the people to see how decisions are made on development projects.
“It is more transparent to have community participation so that people are informed and have first-hand information on what the Government has resolved for their benefit,” Uguro said.
Uguro told the people that  a police barracks would be constructed at Walium to bring more officers into the district.
He said the increase in police manpower would curb criminal activities, including hold-ups along the Usino Madang highway.
The police barracks would be funded under the Ramu Agri credit scheme.
“Walium is a central location for police to operate.”