Usino MP calls for quick relief supplies

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By MAIVO LAFANAMA DWU journalism student

USINO Bundi MP Samson Kuli wants his electorate in Madang declared an emergency zone to speed up relief efforts.
The wet weather over the past few months has wrecked infrastructure development, devastated food gardens, livestock and destroyed homes of many people.
A furious Mr Kuli was disappointed with the slack attitude of the provincial disaster office, provincial administration, and the National Government’s response to the situation.
“If they can respond quickly to the Manam people and cholera situation in the province, why can’t they do the same with our situation,” he said.
Former National Disaster Centre senior operations officer John Sipa, who is assisting Mr Kuli, said: “According to the International Red Cross Geneva Convention, help and relief supplies should have been received in three days.
“It’s already three months and nothing is happening. Food relief must be the immediate priority,” Mr Sipa said.
Mr Kuli funded an immediate rapid assessment report team headed by district administrator Jimmy Sekum to assess the damage.
The report was presented to the National Disaster Center director Martin Mose and National Disaster committee acting chairman Tau Vali and other officials in Port Moresby on March 10.
Provincial and local level government affairs Minister Job Pomat would have already been briefed on the situation.
Mr Kuli said the total estimated cost of damage was about K17 million with 70% of the population affected.
The National Highway from the Usino junction to Naru has been severely affected.
Feeder roads into the district have deteriorated from bad to worse and bridges washed away.
Schools and health centers in the entire district has also been affected.