Utilise domestic gas for nationwide electricity

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 OUR prime minister has said that PNG must utilise some of its gas from export-based oil and gas projects to fire growth into the local economy. 

This message to the international oil and gas companies during his speech at the PNG Petroleum and Mining seminar in Port Moresby (Dec 3) was very precise and firm.

With the PNG economy now experiencing a strong growth at about 7% GDP and  is  projected  to sustain or increase, there is already a  strong demand for energy, particularly electricity. 

Robust economic growth does not occur in isolation as it is invariably powered by an equally robust, reliable national power and electricity network system. 

PNG needs a reliable, accessible and affordable electricity network, but we do not have one.

This is our most significant dilemma because the current strong economic growth  at  the macro level is not cascading down to the micro level.

As a consequence, the nation remains stagnant and the bulk of the population continue to suffer. 

Thank you, O’Neill for finally driving the nation’s message very clearly on domestic gas utilisation. 

It is excellent news for PNG and I know that Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru will embrace your directive to further promote and add value to the nascent SME sector. 


K Koya