Utilise media, tech properly


IN the midst of information and advancing technology, how can young people effectively and consciously utilise the power of mainstream and social media?
Today’s World Press Freedom Day (May 3) challenged me to reflect on my participation at the 2019 Pacific Regional Youth Dialogue on Human Rights and Good Governance organised by the Pacific Community.
From the discussions at the forum, the topic on “technology and media” challenged all participants about young people’s roles and responsibilities in media/social media engagement.
Participants called for media organisations to support advocacy on youth issues and tell their positive stories.
Below is an abstract from the “outcome statement” on the theme, “technology and media”.
We recognise the value of technology in encouraging youth participation in the realisation of good governance and human rights and the role of young people in harnessing this potential.
Media democracy is one area where good governance and human rights can be promoted through effective, inclusive and ethical civic engagement.
We note with concern the competing priorities of media organisations in the region to take youth and youth issues seriously, which is highlighted by the limited number of opportunities for coverage of youth activities.
We call for media organisations to act in solidarity with youth by creating the space for youth engagement and reporting and encourage youth to actively participate in these spaces.
We call for young people to constructively utilise technology and effectively engage with media as a tool to communicate and share stories and encourage further participation and engagement in entrepreneurship and the wider implementation of human rights and good governance.
I think by now, we all know the positive and negative impacts of social media even the role of media.
The fact is, as young people, we have the power to utilise social media and technology effectively.
We see both negative and positive examples in PNG.
I don’t have to go in detail.
In our use of social media and technology, bear in mind that we have a greater responsibility and that is to use social media with the consciousness of the outcome of our engagement online.
We shape our future, either family or country, by our consciousness to be responsible citizens, both in person and online.
Happy World Press Freedom Day!

Kim Allen