V-Sat for four areas in Jimi

National, Normal

Report and pictureby YVONNE HAIP

A REMOTE part of the Western Highlands province, which has been using the traditional method of communication, received a boost with the instalment of satellite phones.
People in four different locations of Jimi district were connected with
families and friends living outside the district, thanks to local MP Wake Goi, who instaled V-Sat phones making communication easier.
The four locations which benefited from the K700,000 project include Ambullua and Kol in upper Jimi, Tabibuga in middle Jimi, and Koinambe in lower Jimi.
A community leader, Francis Nguna, told The National that communication was a big problem in most parts of the district as mobile coverage was very poor.
He said the only form of communication was through passing of messages from one person to another which takes many days and even weeks to reach the recipient.
Mr Nguna said another contributing factor was the poor road conditions which hindered vehicles from travelling into the area and that most parts of the district was only accessible by plane.
He said with the installment of V-Sat phones, communication would be easier and people would also be informed of events taking place around them.
Mr Nguna said services were limited in the area but praised Mr Goi for bringing significant development in the area.
He said it was prime time Jimi district received such development and urged  young people in the area to take ownership of such developments.
The funding for the instalment of V-Sat  phones was allocated under the district services improvement programme.