Vaccinated customers can win vehicle


CITY Pharmacy Ltd (CPL Group) chief executive officer Navin Raju says CPL customers who have received the Covid-19 vaccination are eligible to enter the Win-A-Nissan-Patrol competition at their selected stores
“Even though getting vaccinated is a personal choice, CPL Group encourages all Papua New Guineans to receive the Covid-19 vaccinations, as vaccines save lives,” Raju said in a statement.
He made the announcement as part of its corporate social responsibility campaign in conjunction with WR Carpenters (PNG) to encourage the public to get vaccinated.
“Since the last century, vaccines have protected millions of people from diseases such as polio, whooping cough and measles among other diseases,” he said.
“Now our best hope of getting to some kind of normalcy and enjoying things we love and enjoy is by getting vaccinated.
“As for customers who are vaccinated, they can present their vaccine cards and receipt of up to K10 worth of shopping in one entry at any City Pharmacy, Stop and Shop, Bon Café or Hardware Haus stores.
WR Carpenters, through Boroko Motors, has donated a Nissan Patrol manual transmission and a 95L fuel capacity diesel engine fully kitted with Ironman accessories.


  • WHile it is good for people to be vaccinated, the offer of raffling a Nissan is cunning. Let the people make their own decisions.

  • WHile it is good for people to be vaccinated, the offer of raffling a Nissan is cunning. Let the people make their own decisions.

  • Slave man, that is a really primitive and uneducated thing to say. These vaccines are not experimental, they have gone through rigorous testing and trials and have been approved for use by the WHO. These are the real deal, not experiments.
    PNGeans are stupid to think these are experimental vaccines. this shows how badly influenced they are with all the unthruths and fake news that are being peddled by anti vacciners.
    Don’t be a ples-type. Put your smart thinking cap on and join the progressive world.

  • Democracy in PNG is at stake if government and corporate bodies alike devise strategies to favor those who are vaccinated only! IT IS SUPPOSSED TO BE VOLUNTARY….

    Stats have not shown improvement in the developed world except Israel…

  • Josef, get yourself vaccinated, give yourself 2-3 years, then draw a conclusion on Slave man’s comment.

  • Exactly Mero Diana, the production process of these vaccines have been fast forwarded to counter the effects of covid 19, thus no one can so be so sure off it’s side effects or whether it’s experimental unless you’ve tried it yourself.

  • So now you can win a Nissan Patrol if vaccinated? What’s the next way to indirectly forcing people take vaccines?

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