Vaccination only option, says Smare


NAMBAWAN Super Ltd board director Anthony Smare says the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant in the country will have a significant impact on the economy which includes the fund and its investments.
Smare said it was important that the country as a whole got vaccinated.
“Although the uptake of vaccines has been low, we have been fortunate that we have not really been impacted,” he said.
“But if Delta comes in, the only protection we have is through vaccination.
“We are lucky that foreign governments have donated all these free vaccines to us and all should be vaccinated.” Chairman Reg Monagi said the fund’s uptake of staff was about 40 per cent and they encouraged them to get vaccinated.
“We encourage a lot of these 40 per cent to take up vaccination and as more go in, the others who are reluctant gain confidence from that as they speak to the ones that are vaccinated,” he said.
“A lot of our employees are beginning to take up vaccination which is good.
“We encourage other employees of other organisations to do likewise because we are not only protecting ourselves but all the other people that we come in contact and doing business with.”