Vaccination open to public

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THE Covid-19 vaccination programme at Rita Flynn is open to the public from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Saturday.
Health officials said individuals planning on getting vaccinated needed to eat well and take a bottle of water as the line for vaccination could be long.
At Rita Flynn, there are three lines for each district in the National Capital District (NCD).
Individuals will be given a consent form and asked to join the line of the electorate that they live in while filling out the form.
The individual’s temperature is taken before entering the centre at which point they will be asked to hand in their mobile phones and be issued a number which they can use to get their phones back after being vaccinated.
No one is allowed to take pictures inside for privacy reasons.
Assistants will fill out a green card with the basic information on the individual taken from the consent form and give it to the individual.
The individual will then take a seat and follow the queue which
will be managed by an assistant
who tallies all in line and records names.
Then the individual will go to the vaccination section where there are two health workers.
He or she will be asked which side of the arm they prefer the injection to be given and then the health worker will administer the shot.
The health worker will then sign the individual’s card which will be collected by an assistant.
The individual will then be led to the waiting area where he or she will sit for 15 minutes.
The assistant will then call the individual by name, issue the green card and they can leave.
The date to receive the second dose will be written on the green card.
The entire vaccination process, including the registration and 15 minutes waiting time after the jab takes around 20 minutes when there is no line.