Vaccination optional for workers

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EMPLOYERS have again been reminded that they should not force their workers to get the Covid-19 vaccine currently available around the country.
The Covid-19 National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning said vaccination should be on a voluntary basis.
“By law, employees have the right to reject getting the vaccination,” Manning said. “Also by law, employers have the right to request their employees to get the vaccination.
“So we are talking to the PNG Business Council on how best we can address the voluntary vaccination rollout exercise so that it will not affect the relationship between employers and employees.
“At the same time, the employees will not get sick and stay away for a minimum of 14 days quarantine or employees staying away from work because they didn’t get vaccination.
“So businesses will be affected one way or the other – either by the company’s requirement for vaccination or the employees staying away due to not meeting the company’s vaccination requirement.”
Manning was responding to reports on social media of some employers forcing their employees to get the jab.
“We have issued directions and measures through the National Covid-19 Center on the position of the Government, that vaccination is voluntarily.
“But we also acknowledge that employers in certain industries have done their risk assessments and coming with their position if vaccination is a requirement, especially industries which deal with people on a daily basis,” Manning said.
“That’s why we are engaging with business houses to arrive at a position that will be a win –win situation for the employer-employee relations.”