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Manning: State to investigate Covid-19 vaccination report

THE Government will not allow the use in the country of any vaccine to treat the Covid-19 which has not been approved by the World Health Organisation, an official says.
National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning issued a new order yesterday requiring that no Covid-19 vaccination or unapproved pharmaceutical intervention should be provided to any person in the country.
“The new measure also states that no vaccine testing or trials for the Covid-19 shall occur in PNG,” he said.
The order came into effect yesterday.
It was in response to a newspaper report in Australia that 48 Chinese employees of a PNG-based company had been vaccinated with the SARS-COV-2 vaccine on August 10.
Manning said they would investigate the report and whether the 48 people mentioned had been vaccinated in China before arriving. He said WHO did not recognise the vaccine and anyone using the vaccine would be penalised under the legislation.
He also said the Covid-19 National Control Centre would investigate the mining company in PNG.
Meanwhile, Manning said a flight from China carrying employees of a Chinese mining company in PNG had to be cancelled because of the vaccination allegations.
He said because of the lack of information on the issue, flights from China would be stopped “in the best interest of the people as authorities investigate the allegations of vaccinations”.
Meanwhile, National Control Centre incident manager Dr Esorom Doani said they were working on a standard operating procedure for children who tested positive.
There are three cases.
A 10-year-old boy was confirmed with Covid-19 on April 16 and a two-year-old was confirmed on August 7 both in Western. The third was a two-year-old case tested at the Port Moresby General Hospital after the child was brought in with respiratory problems on Aug 12.
“The test results came back positive. But the mother did not leave any address details. So a doctor from the Port Moresby General Hospital took it upon himself to find them.
“He managed to find them at Korobosea. The mother and child will be brought in tomorrow (today). The mother will also be swabbed before they are taken to the Rita Flynn Isolation Centre.
“We will also start contact tracing for the two-year-old’s family tomorrow (today),” he said.


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    • You must be an idiot end times prophet of dooms. The virus is real whether you believe in it or not. You can wait for Jesus to come. Many have waited and are still waiting and will still be waiting. If you want to remain stupid and ignorant that’s your problem but stop confusing people ….

    • Samson, please stop being arrogant, ignorant and think you are smart.
      This is no joke. Use your God given common sense and try to be rational in your thinking.

  • We in the rural area are in God Almighty,s hands and protections. We don’t need ny masks to move iin and out. Its only happening in our cities and towns. BY the way Mr controller we are in 2020 so can you change the name Covid19 to Covid20. Kisim taim nau

  • The belief that YOU are in God’s hand should not be used as an excuse in Covid-19. Weather you are in rural or in Town and Cities ITS ALL THE SAME. Please leave God out in this equation and forever not to mention it. The matter is serious and its going to be respected whether your a christian or not UNLESS you are certainly sure you are going to heaven if you die. Study your Romans Road to Heaven before you make such statement

  • The world has experinced such pandemics before…100, 150 years before PNG came into existence as a nation /state. The European Plague and Spanish Flu killed millions of people back then. These pandemics come and go not because taim i sot….but we live on earth, full of trials and tribulations…not in utopia.

  • Papua New guinean we act smart and make mockery of covid – 19 when there has been no case of evidence of the virus since march and april and now its here totalling up to 300 plus cases and people are trembling and all sorts of nuisances are poping out. We are not good at following orders and instructions and so soon there will be a mass death if we continue to live like a fool and not considering our health priorities. Simple instructions are important to be followed as it worth prevention of further increase of the virus.

  • It always baffles me to this day that a Grade 12 is the Controller of the National Pandemic. This govt is truly crazy.

  • You must be an idiot end times prophet of dooms. The virus is real whether you believe in it or not. You can wait for Jesus to come. Many have waited and are still waiting and will still be waiting. If you want to remain stupid and ignorant that’s your problem but stop confusing people ….

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  • I live in a country where people are dying daily from Covid 19. This is no joke. People have to be serious. Wear mask out in the public and practise good hygiene by washing your hands.
    More important the government must ban any foreigners especially chinese nationals from China to enter PNG. They are the source of this chinese virus.

  • Our island has more species of plants than anywhere else on this planet, can the government give a serious thought on research to find potential cures for both existing and new, emerging diseases? Research work is badly needed in this country.. use of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants can give researchers a good start to assist in their work.

  • The claim about China vaccinating ppl without approval is simply B’s from Australian n Western media to smear and demonize China. I am sick n tired this huge Western media propaganda.theyb think we dumb n stupid to see through their web of lies.

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      If you grew up in PNG, you know from the highlands to the lowlands we all know who Jesus is..

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  • This is PNGs attitudes towards covid-19 . when we have zero case and Government deploys the strong restrictions and measures to maintain a zero figure for our country,people make mockery and just don’t care about covid -19. They care more about what keeps them going. After covid-19 cases started jumping in double figures and government tries to implement health protocols for our people to follow,simple things like wear mask in public places,social distancing etc, it doesn’t work, mind you today you walk down the street, people are crowding around market tables chewing buai,smoking and hugging and holding hands etc em PNG way. Despite the greatest risk people are taking, I see that people don’t have fear as bad as when first case was announce, and street of POM was clean? Where are we heading now?

  • In PNG everybody wants to become boyman. Don’t know how to follow simple instructions. Wrong interpretation of information, instructions, crises, events, situation and disasters. Even the least educated and ignorant want to talk at highest, duspela tasol sa kamapim planti confusion and lonlon nambaut.

  • Those of you that believe in Covid 19 can continue to tread covid19 as your god whilst we the God own put our trust in Him and continue praying and believing that covid19 is unreal. So keep believing In covid19 and die one by one. This is 20-20 so 20 percent belongs to God and your guys can retain 20and vontinue believe in covid 19 and 20 persint of us can continue believing in God Almighty divine interventions. You guys and you gofamilies are afraid of what had already been here already.. Em Sik Blo ol lain blo satan lain blo God em bai nogat stret. God Bikpla blo mipla istap pinis wantaim mipla.

  • Ignorance is not an excuse, in fact it can be costly. It is common sense that living a healthy lifestyle and eating a proper balanced diet will help to boost our immune system and increase our body’s chance of fighting the virus. It is interesting however that WHO is not really promoting diet but seem to be pushing the vaccine agenda. We need to keep ourselves informed as much as possible so that we can be able to make wise choices. The virus is here to stay and we must learn to live with it.

  • Don’t believe in those false prophets saying the end is near… maybe these are SDAs ..

  • This dooms-day theology is getting us offtrack. Its takes years to develop and trial a vaccine. We need to understand the possible side-effects of the vaccine before it can be safety administered. I agree with the controller to shelve the vaccine until we see the results of the human trials conducted else where. we are not in dire straits.

  • Please stop pointing fingers to each others cause planti ol comment upla wok lo makim m nogat meaning ya you a just not helping people,just stop … people need to know what to do to stop this virus or bacteria so that it will NOT move from one person to another person

  • Please folks, when you are making comments on a social media, try not to make a mention of the names of any denominational groups… eg, SDA as mentioned above, as they won’t do you any good.. talk about what you want to say only relating to the topic of your interest

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