Vaccines will save you: Marape

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PRIME Minister James Marape is again urging people to get vaccinated, saying the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines are meant to save people rather than kill them.
“The Covid-19 is here now. Vaccination is not new,” he said.
“It has been part of the medical sciences to boost our body’s defences against sicknesses.
“More than 2 billion people (around the world) have received the vaccine.” He spoke out yesterday as 14 more people died from the Covid-19 on Wednesday, taking the national total to 266.
The total number of people administered the vaccines AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Johnson & Johnson is 215,188.
That equates to around 2.6 per cent of the population, assuming that it is 8 million. “I want to encourage the citizens of this country to not believe in speculations. We moved to get the vaccine much earlier than other nations,” he said.
Marape said he remained “healthy” after being vaccinated.
“Vaccine is available not to kill but to stay and assist you to be safe,” he said.
Total cases so far is 24,041, with 412 cases reported from around the country on Wednesday.
Marape continues to advocate for the vaccination of everyone as quickly as possible.