Vadavada bloodbath

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Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Wagambie Jr (pic-below) talking to police officers and Moresby South electorate staff near the remains of a home that was burnt down on Tuesday evening. – Picture supplied by the NCD Command

THREE people have been killed in four months of sporadic tribal attacks and fights in Moresby South’s Vadavada settlement.
National Capital District/Central commander ACP Anthony Wagambie Jr said police yesterday moved into the Vadavada settlement in full force to find out what exactly was happening and the reason for the bloody violence.
Police suspect the killings were tribal feuds between Goilala and Engans whose houses in the settlement are separated only by a 500m boundary.
The latest killing occurred between 5.30pm and 6pm on Tuesday when four men, suspected to be Engans, slashed and stabbed to death a man who was returning home after work at 3 Mile.
ACP Wagambie, who led his men to the settlement to conduct investigations, said: “Fighting had erupted between Goilala and Engans in the settlement yesterday afternoon.
“Police rushed an Engan man to the Port Moresby General Hospital in a critical condition,” he said.
“Police were quick to respond to the incident when alerted and the settlers were chased off the freeway into their settlement.
“Later, fighting broke out again with the Engans attacking the Goilalas and torching several of their houses.”
In the evening, the Engan man was found sprawled on the ground and having difficulty breathing with a long iron bar protruding from his abdomen and his face slashed.
Police and St John Ambulance rushed the Engan man to the hospital but he died from the injuries.
Police have remained in the settlement with a strong presence until day break to ensure law and order.
“I visited the settlement with Moresby South district administrator Aisop Mol.
“We also spoke briefly to both sides, telling them we do not want any more fighting and to allow police to work on identifying and arresting the murder suspects,” he said.
“Police investigators are on the ground investigating the murder, fights and two earlier murders in the past four months.
“The situation in the settlement is still tense and police will maintain its presence to calm the settlers,” he added.


  • PP enforce the forceful eviction and go further to impose the vagrancy act. Enough is enough. If people cannot live in peace and harmony, tougher action is a MUST.

  • Get the Lands Department and NCDC to start doing proper physical planning and convert all settlements to suburbs and mix people of different ethics Groups. These ethnic clashes are result of failure by the Lands Department, NCDC and the State to implement and enforce land laws.

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