Vandalism destroying city


THE National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has been emphasising on the importance of keeping the city clean, safe and beautiful yet some people are so ignorant to appreciate these initiatives. Recently, the NCDC has painted bus stops in the city with the support from corporate houses giving it a colourful uplift in the nation’s capital.
Not more than a month and some of these newly painted bus stops have been vandalised in places such as the 4-Mile works bus stop, Garden Hills and Gordon. This is becoming an eye sore to see these bus stops vandalised compared to time, money and commitments invested to beautify our city.
We need to start taking responsibilities in looking after this properties in our own community and educate our children to stop this kind of activities.
It added colour to a glimpse of Port Moresby and was a wonderful scenery but not anymore.
Please stop graffiti and vandalism not only on the bus stops but other public properties as well.

Concerned Citizen

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