Vanilla leads in spice production


VANILLA is the leading spice product in terms of production volumes with the country averaging production at 520,000 kilogrammes a year.
Vanilla alone is going to increase by five per cent in the next five years in terms of market trends, PNG Spice Industry Board chief executive officer Nelson Simbiken.
“In terms of production and volume, vanilla is a lot more than other spices such as cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, citronella and nutmeg.
“In terms of the demand, for specific spices like vanilla, new countries are consuming vanilla as part of their beverages and ice cream.”
Simbiken said demand from China and Brazil was increasing.
“East Sepik and West Sepik are the leading vanilla producers in the country,” he said.
“The vanilla town of the country right now is Maprik.
That is the major trade center where vanilla is brought from all over the country.
“Most of the buyers are from Maprik.
“They travel to other provinces and buy, bring it back and start trading within Maprik and eventually they pack them there and export it.
“For vanilla, one kilogram with good quality and the current local price is K200, K270 or K300 per kg.
“That’s big money.”