Vanimo Secondary beats the odds


VANIMO Secondary School made it against all odds last academic year because as a school it has always believed that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Many doubted the school will come to much because of its infrastructure, curriculum materials and student discipline but despite all that, it still delivered a superb result.
The result makes Vanimo Secondary one of the top 20 schools in the country.
The critics have been proven wrong and properly silenced.
To finish on a high note given the fact that the school only recently obtained secondary status is a milestone in itself.
The success can be attributed to, firstly, the teachers’ willingness and determination to serve while encountering tough challenges during transition from a high school to secondary.
Secondly, we have to credit the support the school received from the board and principal John Pai Kanz.
And most importantly, work through the Life in the Spirit Ministries of Vanimo brought blessings to the school.
Schools that are striving to be improve should find better ways and strategies to lift their standards.
By God’s grace, Vanimo Secondary made it happen. You can too.

Osbourne Terry Nandali
Vanimo Secondary