Vegetable farmers want govt to build proper market


VEGETABLE farmers at the Mingende market in Kerowaghi have asked the government to build a proper market.
Most of the women are from the Gena Waugla local level government.
They sell garden produce and other goods in the open near the Highlands Highway.
The market has been serving health workers at the Catholic-established Mingende rural hospital, teachers and students of the St Joseph’s Mingende Primary School, Mingende Tvet, Kondiu Rosary Secondary School, the KaiaWorks construction company, Catholic missionaries, and the general public.
Cathy Wena, a mother of nine from the Mugwaglu tribe, said it had been their wish to sell vegetables in a proper market.
“We’ve been selling our garden produce in the open,” Wena said.
“There has been no proper market. We have been putting up with dust, heat and rain.
“We do not even enjoy peace at the market. Drunks disturb us and kick our produce.
“A proper market house with fencing, roof, toilet and water is all we ask from our district and provincial government.”
Wena said seven of her children were in school and she paid their school fees from what she made at the market.

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  • The location is right along the section of the Okuk Highway (not highlands) and it is up to the local MP to open the eyes carefully and wide enough to see and address this issue.

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