Vegogo takes reins at POMGH

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CRIES of oro oro oro and kundu beat sounded around the Port Moresby General Hospital old car park as Tufi dancers escorted the hospital’s new chief executive officer, Sam Vegogo, to his welcome ceremony.
Mr Vegogo, who was appointed by the National Executive Council recently, was accompanied by the hospital’s board chairman, Sir Brian Bell, acting CEO Dr Simon Mete and various members of the official entourage.
In his acceptance speech, Mr Vegogo said that although there were criticisms in the media about his appointment, he thanked his new staff for their overwhelming show of support in organising the ceremony.
He appealed to his staff, from the security guards and low ranking employees to the top doctors, nurses and other high ranking officials to work together with him to bring change to the premier hospital.
“Sixty per cent of anything that needs doing does not require money, only 40%.
“We all have the ability, knowledge and initiative to make things work.
“So, to say that there is no money is a pathetic excuse,” Mr Vegogo said.
He reminded his staff and everyone who played a part in the running of the hospital, that they all had the power to turn things around, from bad to good, and all this required was change in the small things that they did.
“Where there is a will, there is a way. And by working together, we can make positive changes,” he said.
Mr Vegogo said although many people had criticised the hospital and management, they must also take into account the good things that happened, such as when a patient walks out healed.
He said this was due to the hard work and dedication of the nurses, doctors and everyone else.
Mr Vegogo outlined his plan to start from the bottom up and promised to look into the living standards of people who do all the work.
He said his first task was to assist the middle management units as this was an important component of any hospital and needed to be helped.
Mr Vegogo concluded  by acknowledging the hospital for having confidence in him and promised to do his best and not to let anyone down.