Vehicle hits ‘country girl’

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 A female Grade 11 student sustained head injuries after a vehicle ran into her in Madang town yesterday.

Kimberly Moore, 18, a student at Malala Secondary School in Bogia, Madang, was hit by the truck when she was crossing the road. 

A relative said Moore was not used to the busy traffic in town, having grown up in the rural Ramu station of Aiome.

“Although she’s a big girl, her father used to hold her hands and guide her through the traffic and this accident happened because she was with her friends,” the relative said.

Witness Ben Simanjo said the vehicle was travelling past when the girl suddenly crossed the road.

“The vehicle was approaching at a slow speed about five metres away when she crossed and got hit and fell, injuring her head,” he said.