Vehicle registration


THERE has been a massive increase in vehicle registration fees from K400 to K900 for 4000-cc engine car.
When you look at it, it’s over 100 per cent increase.
It doesn’t happen in other countries.
What is Independent Consumer Competition Commission doing about it?
I know Transport Department wants to polish up individuals who are not obeying the law that was regulated for road transport.
As a matter of fact, there are not many who are breaking these laws.
Look at the disadvantages over the long run or maybe after three years’ time.
The department or Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd will lose revenue, which will be in millions of kina as this discourages individuals from owning a car, renewing a licence, or buying a permit because of huge increase.
Does this department have accountants in there?
These people must come up with affordable ideas for the citizens for this country.
Or are they just sleeping in the department and waiting for another pay day.
This is a disgrace to the country for such a price hike.
We have to be fair to everybody.

Concerned Citizen
Wilson Mack

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