Vehicles seized to stop misuse


THREE local-level government (LLG) presidents in the Henganofi district of Eastern Highlands had their vehicles impounded after they allegedly breached rules for their use, Henganofi MP Robert Atiayafa says.
“After numerous complaints from Ward councillors and the general public from the three LLGs in Henganofi district, the chief executive officer (CEO), formally the district administrator, instructed police to impound the vehicles,” Atiayafa said.
LLG presidents took possession of LLG vehicles and allegedly used them for other purposes that did not comply with the guidelines issued for their use for LLG development purposes, he said.
Atiyafa said people and Ward councillors needed the vehicles to facilitate the delivery of services but the presidents “grossly misused” them and failed to use them for the purpose intended for the vehicles.
“I waited till after the election, I wanted to set the record straight to allow for the presidents to follow the ground rules set for the use of the vehicles,” he said.
Atiayafa said designated drivers are the only authorised persons to drive the vehicles