Vendors told to look after Londolovit

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 24th April 2013

 PEOPLE using the re-opened Londolovit town market in Lihir have been warned to take care of it.

The market was closed on Nov 24, 2011, because of its poor and unhygienic condition.

Newcrest Mining Ltd worked closely with authorities including the Nimamar local level government and the people of ward one to re-open the market on April 13. The cost of the renovation was K60,000.

Obert Hwayeh, the environment health officer who closed the market, said the people using the renovated facility should keep it clean and not carry out any illegal businesses in it.

He said anyone caught breaching the rules would “face the consequences”.

He said the market had to be closed because the people who used it failed to keep it clean and look after the facility.

Fidelis Wesparo, a resident of ward one where the market is located, said Lihir women would benefit from the renovated market.

Wesparo said Newcrest Mining Ltd community relations staff worked tirelessly to ensure it was re-opened.

He thanked the company for giving the responsibility of running the market to the people of ward one through the women of Londolovit village.

Dorothy Gregreo,the leader of the Londolovit women, thanked the Nimamar LLG for approving the reopening of the market.

She said ideas put forward by company staff to assist Londolovit women would be put to good use in the management of the market.