Vendors undergo financial literacy training


VENDORS at the Waigani market in Port Moresby can now save and transact their earnings using Digicel CellMoni after undergoing a CellMoni mindset and financial literacy training this week.
The training was conducted by Digicel CellMoni and the Women’s MicroBank.
The theme focused on savings and how to budget their money.
The 42 vendors who attended were educated on how to move away from the traditional cash transaction methods into a mobile wallet experience.
They will deposit money at a CellMoni agent and use their mobile wallet to make transactions.
Waigani Vendor’s Association representative Grace Kubuni said: “We have learnt a lot and gain a lot of experience.
“There are many mothers in Waigani. Some have had an education and some not. Fathers as well.
“But this training has opened our minds on how to bank our money, budget and spend wisely.”
Vendor Moveno Metofa said: “CellMoni will make it easy for us market vendors. A lot of times when you want to go to the bank to get a loan, deposit or open up an account, a lot of documentation is needed.
“CellMoni is easy.
“You don’t need to go to the bank.
“Your phone becomes your account or card, which makes it easy for us market vendors.”