Vendors work hard to scratch a living

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 IN reply to Douglas Ghilichibi’s letter, I want to say that betel nut vendors sweat their guts out daily in the hot sun making ends meet through sheer hard work and determination (Sept 26).  

They have never asked the government or the governor of NCD and any other authority in the city or the country to help them or do something for them.  

They have taken upon themselves their responsibilities of maintaining their existence in the harsh and hostile economic conditions we are experiencing.

Mind you, it is not the doing of the NCD governor that these people have migrated to the city in search of better lives.  

It is the national and provincial governments’ irresponsible enforcement of policies that affect their lives in their rural settings so they migrate to the cities and towns in search of better lives that is regrettably not there either.  

In the rural areas, they find things not conducive to creating  a better life.

In the challenging conditions they have to lay their hands on something easier and simpler that can generate cash revenue on a daily basis so they can sustain their lives while awaiting a better time or opportunity that might hopefully eventuate.

They have been watching their relatives dying of curable diseases, cannot afford a tin of fish or rice, their children are denied basic education because teachers cannot survive the harsh realities of the rural settings. The list goes on.  

People must realise what these grossly marginalised people must do to fend for their lives. 

Let us be realistic and think of other less fortunate people.