Veni attends funeral in respect of father’s friendship with Sana


VENI Diro, the son of retired brigadier-general Ted Diro, was born in Wewak when his father was a young lieutenant in the army.
Last week, Veni returned to the town as part of a delegation from Central which attended Sir Michael’s funeral.
“It was during those early times that the ties between my father and Sir Michael were forged,” he said.
“Kudos to Sir Michael.
“What I (noticed in) Wewak is the utmost respect the people of East Sepik, residents of Wewak and his family members had bestowed on him.
“We pay respect to the Grand Chief and, on behalf of my father’s family, we mourn with them.
“But we also congratulate them for this historical moment.
“I’m grateful to be given this opportunity.
“It’s sad but its history in the making.
“There will never by anything like this ever in PNG and the region.
“That’s how widely respected he was.”
Veni said Sir Michael had a special rapport with the people of Central, especially his father.
“Today (his presence in Wewak) is about Sir Michael and his association with the people of Central, particularly with my father.
“They had a unique relationship over many years and involved lot of our rich political history.
“It’s a real honour for me because my father and older brother couldn’t come.
“When they asked, I jumped at the chance because this is a home-coming for me.
“I was born here so I am privileged.”