Verdict on Kapris case set for Dec 9

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DEFENCE lawyers in the Madang Bank South Pacific robbery case have indicated that proceedings for a no-case submission will be filed for their clients having found no prima facie case against them.
Last Wednesday, when the state announced its closing of the case, defence lawyers immediately made their intentions known before judge David Cunnings.
Cunnings has allowed all submissions to be filed and served by Nov 26 with a response from the State by Dec 3 and Dec 9 as the date set for oral submissions to be heard.
The almost four-month-long trial has brought to light the fact that basic policing practices were not followed leading to four voir dire submissions being granted and circumstantial evidence being objected to at every turn.
Monies being recovered and tendered as court exhibits were also recounted in the presence of bank staff and lawyers.
Close to half a million so far has been tendered in court from police investigations.
* A total of K99,900 was recovered at the Malolo Plantation Resort, loot left behind for the four bank workers held hostage with their families presumably for each to receive K25,000;
* K161,800 found by Major Organised Crime Intel team (MOCIT) at Tamara Player’s house. They were mute notes (described as being wet and sticky when counted). An under count of about K30,000 was corrected later by bank staff who later counted it to  the amount being tendered;
* K125,000 recovered from relatives of a co-accused at Igam Barracks settlement intact with the Madang BSP seals;
* K28,000 recovered from the back vehicle of a female co-accused by another accomplice;
* K4,600 recovered from the same female’s residence in a pillow case in which another suspect was also apprehended; and
* The sum of K1,200 allegedly found on William Kapris was not tendered as there was no indemnity report and the court was told that the money was mixed with the others found at Player’s place.
The trial, which should end after Dec 9, will mean a hectic two weeks of preparation for both the defence and state teams with a quick witted judge waiting to deliver the final verdict.