Verify landowner at Garden Hills


I AM concerned about the illegal landowners at the Garden Hills settlement in the National Capital District.
The land is owned by the people of Motu Koitabu.
How did they become landowners and are selling it?
There is a community leader in that settlement who is actually involved in the business of selling the State land who claims to be a landowner.
He sold many small portions of land to people to build houses and claimed that he had genuine documented land titles from the Lands Department to own and manage the land.
Because of that, the site that was supposed to be used for essential commercial activities is now covered with dirt and tattered houses on the top of the mountains.
I don’t know if the said landowner really has genuine land titles.
If not then I am appealing to the Government and the city authorities to identify the illegal landowner of this settlement and ensure he faces the law.

Gee, Pom City