Veteran judges usher in new lawyers

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COMPLIMENTING the beginning of the legal year, 80 new lawyers were admitted to the Bar at the Waigani National and Supreme Court last Friday.
Head of the PNG Judiciary, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, urged the new lawyers to guard their personal and professional character so as not to bring disrepute to themselves or the court. 
He told them to conduct themselves in a manner fitting to their profession, standing for justice and to uphold the rule of law in serving their country and fellow country men and women.
“Fifty per cent should come from your character and the other 50% should be your work commitments to balance your career,” Sir Salamo told the young lawyers during their admission. 
He advised the graduates to be mindful of their personal conduct in public places and in their working environment as they would become officers of the court.
“You have to show professionalism in your career at all times, while practicing,” Sir Salamo said.
“The Attorney-General has screened and found all of you fit and capable in practicing law, and this must be maintained throughout your career.”
He said that there was huge demand in the legal profession and lawyers would be able to secure jobs, adding that there was also need for lawyers to take up jobs within the judiciary as associates of judges and other jobs in the registry.
Most court sessions for the day were deferred, as two court rooms were used for the admission of the 80 new lawyers.
The admission proceedings were presided by a four-man bench of Sir Salamo, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, Justice Les Gavara Nanu and Justice Derek Hartshorn in one court room, while Justice Panuel Mogish, Justice Gibbs Salika and Justice Ere Kariko presided in another court room.
Of the 80 lawyers admitted, 39 were female while 41 were male.
The submissions of the admission of the lawyers were presented by the acting director of the Law Training Institute, Pauline Mogish.
The admission was witnessed by many friends, families and relatives of the new lawyers, who made their way to the Waigani Court premises despite a heavy down pour that morning.