Village court magistrates get new uniforms, bicycles

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


VILLAGE court magistrates in the Madang Urban local level government yesterday received uniforms and bicycles.

More than 40, of them, including five women, were issued with new khaki uniforms.

Madang provincial village court officer Ailai Valaunia said the village court system was first established when the country took independence in 1975 as an alternate legal system.

He appealed to the public to recognise and respect the magistrates as law enforcers in communities. 

He said the provincial government now had a budget for them and the new uniforms were funded by the provincial government.

Five new bicycles were given to five selected magistrates who travelled long distances to conduct court hearings. Valaunia said the uniforms and bicycles would go a long way to boost their morale to work and would make them feel they had important roles to play in upholding justice within communities.

He said the provincial government performed poorly in supporting the local village court operations in the past years.

Madang town manager Lau Sorum said the village court would be accommodated under the Madang Urban local level government budget.