Village needs recognition


DUE to the by-election, the people of Goroka electorate are experiencing a significant impact from popular political figures in town.
Unlike previous elections, the power of politics is being felt for the very first time in Goroka.
The powers horses from Waigani are going above and beyond for the sake of gaining popularity and recognition.
But there is a very simple and humbled village in Goroka worth mentioning – Gouloka village, a village in the heart of Goroka.
This little villages’ name was used for the township of Goroka during the colonial era.
I, for one, think that this village is worth being acknowledged.
Both parties were born and raised in Goroka.
Why call Goroka home, if no recognition is given to the village whose name was taken away to name the place you call “home”?

Lukim Na Stretim Hevi

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