Village to access clean, safe and reliable water

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

THE people of Pari Village, Central, will soon have access to clean, safe and reliable water supply through a partnership with Eda Ranu.
A meeting between the company management and a large group of leaders from parts of the Pari community took place on Tuesday at the Eda Ranu head office.
Moresby South MP and Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko, who organised the village leaders to come, attended the meeting.
Company chief executive officer Billy Imar said Eda Ranu was committed to supplying water to settlements, rural-urban settings and villages around the city as part of the Greater Port Moresby policy adopted by the board earlier this year.
“Water comes at a cost and while Eda Ranu is committed to providing water, it will be based on a suitable user-pay model which will be a win-win situation for all in terms of sustainability in the long run,” he said.
Tkatchenko said he took the people’s needs at heart and would make sure funding was available for the project, which had been left incomplete from years back.
Eda Ranu has been tasked to start an assessment of the situation in terms of the water infrastructure at Pari village and is expected to provide a report to the Tkatchenko’s office for funding.
It is anticipated that the water service should reach the village before the end of this year.