Villager found dead in Abau

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A 40-year-old man was found dead at Moreguina station, Cloudy Bay in the Abau district, Central province, on Monday.
The body was found by telephone technicians who were using the highway.
Police said yesterday that the deceased had left his village about 8am to gather sago palm leaves in the bushes to complete his house when he met his fate.
They said he had set off with his shotgun and a bush knife.
A phone company vehicle transporting its technicians along the highway came across the man’s body and reported the discovery to police.
Police said they found multiple wounds on the victim’s body.
Police are continuing with their investigations.
In the meantime, National Capital District metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa, yesterday called on city residents to be on their best behaviour during the PNG Games.
Chief Supt Yakasa said as the host city to the games, people should present a welcoming environment for those who had travelled from other centres to attend the event.
He also urged those residing next to where the athletes were being accommodated to do likewise.
More than 300 police personnel are on the ground to ensure that the true spirit of sport is maintained.
Police have also been stationed at the stadium and a special 24-hour emergency hotline will be put in place for travellers to use in case of emergency.