Villager writes first novel

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

AFTER six years of hard work,  Goroka-based novelist Alfred Gotaha has finally put on the bookshelves of libraries and shops his first novel  titles Wantok Richard.
Gotaha said the main character Richard was his childhood hero in one of the early English movies he watched featuring sword-fighting.
“Richard was a member of a royal family, known as Richard of York. He fascinated me all my life,” Gotaha said.
The 24-chapter book tells of the life of Richard starting from a short holiday with the Silku tribe of Kerowagi in Chimbu.
He met his first girl friend from the neighbouring Dagle tribe.
The story moved on to many settings and ended at Chuave in Chimbu. Gotaha said he grew up watching movies as a child.
The accountant cum-novelist is living a life of a philanthropist among the Kafuku villagers supporting old people, youths, church pastors, women groups, schools and  villagers.
“I am only an ordinary citizen of Goroka, an aspiring novelist.
“I will not promise anything but I am dreaming up another book,” Gotaha said.
His friend Rasta Robin from Ungai mountain told him one day that an essay he wrote for the Bungandi High School magazine was perfect.
“Robin told me that I have the writing potential in me. So why not try writing a piece of literature material? I started writing this book,” he said.