Villagers calling for assistance


THE Poro agriculture resettlement scheme is facing a major crisis as the Yalinge River in West Sepik continue to change its course during a recent flood.
The area had suffered this havoc since 2009.
The original river bed from Malol-Aipokon and Aindrin is dry and empty.
Accessibility from Poro DPI Station to the blocks and Poro Primary School is cut off.
An elementary school is amongst several buildings destroyed by the flood.
Almost three quarters of land for farming is underwater and cannot be cultivated.
Numerous cemeteries and pit latrines have been emptied into the river system by the flood.
Sago, which is a staple food, cannot be produced because of the muddy waters.
There are food shortages in most blocks to feed people.
Students from elementary schools in Tirap, Poro, Ugon and Poro Primary School, have difficulty crossing waters created by flood to go to school.
There is a critical shortage of fresh, clean or safe drinking water in the area.
Most cash crops such as vanilla and cocoa are withering and dying out slowly.
A number of retail outlets have closed down due to transportation difficulty.
Raising money for payment of school fees and other living costs is now very difficult.
Parents can’t bring bush materials to maintain current run down teacher’s houses and classrooms.
Medical supplies are running low and patients cannot be treated in some instances.
The community is now calling for help in terms of water tanks, emergency road access, supplies of mosquito nets, food rations, funds for classrooms and additional manpower and facilities.

Andicus Kinau,
Ward 1 member & deputy president AELLG

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