Villagers get electricity

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MORE than 6,000 people from Keranga, Kalpa and Korunuka tribes from Kimil, in the North Waghi electorate of Western Highlands, now have access to electricity-thanks to Global Flexible Secondary School.
The secondary school spent more than K20,000 to connect electricity for the communities which have been without power supply for more than 30 years.
School director and founder Fr Gabriel Kura said at Kimil that people must take ownership of services delivered to them.
Kura said the people were privileged to have power supply and that through the school other basic services could follow.
He said the government had failed to connect electrify into schools and villages and the school was trying to support the community with the resources it had.
Kura said the money had come from school fees and urged them to look after the facilities.