Villagers grateful for rescue at sea


AN order by a Chinese diplomat and a company executive to rescue victims of a boat mishap in Madang last Friday has changed the local’s perspectives about the Ramu Nico mining company, according to two landowner spokesmen.
The chairmen of Coastal Pipeline Landowners Association, Jeffrey Gamrai and Kurumbukari Landowners’ Association, Tobby Barre thanked consul Liu and Ramu NiCo (MCC) president Gao Yongxue for discontinuing their journey to Madang town save 17 people from a sinking dingy.
They were returning to Madang on the company ferry mv Carrie when they were signaled assist.
Those involved in the boating accident were believed to be from Panitibun Island village near Madang who were returning from the Raicaost Secondary School graduation when their boat capsized.
“These men are truly kind-hearted, and I appreciate their kindness greatly,” Gamrai said on behalf of the survivors.