Villagers in Manus raise K7,000 to fix neglected road

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A GROUP of villagers in Manus is fixing the road to their village which the provincial works division is not doing anything about, a spokesman says.
Villager Alois Kaluweh said the road from Buyang to Kari villages badly needed upgrading.
Kari village is about 32 kilometers from Lorengau town.
“The people raised K7,000 and started repairing the bad portion of the road (which has been) neglected by the Manus provincial government and provincial works division,” Kaluweh said.
“The people are not relying on our government.
“We can do it ourselves to ensure services reach us.
“To take back PNG, we should (first) take back our provinces.
“It’s time to rise, wake up and speak up for the common good of the rural people.”
Kaluweh set up a committee of five to oversee the road project.
“The Manus economy is dependent on this road.
“There is no road to transport our cash crop to the market and to reach government services.”
Women members of the Evangelical Church of Manus also supported the project.