Villagers keen to change and


Gabagaba villagers in Rigo, Central, want to change the image of their village to become a model for Motuans.
The establishment of a village authority on Saturday paves the way in that direction.
Central Governor Robert Agarobe, who officiated at the event, commended the villagers, especially the youths for taking the lead.
He said the initiative was in line with his plans for the province.
“We need to start changing the way we think and start thinking beyond what we are today,” he said.
“I’m grateful that our youths have taken that step and they are working closely with the councillor to deliver what we are witnessing today.
“As part of the smart Central concept I talked about how we need to start somewhere and an initiative like this is the kick-off to something bigger.”
Minister of Communication, Information Technology and Energy Sam Basil said: “You have done the best thing in PNG that we will all learn from and I will be challenging my councillors to follow this example.
“I can see from Gabagaba you have already set the system in place and once the money comes in, they will carry on the programme that they have initiated and you are 10 steps ahead.
“With the government’s funding to the wards, you will take ownership with the commitment you have made today.”
Several corporate sponsors, including Goodman Fielder and Mosin Fresh, have supported the Gabagaba Village Authority initiative to put up signboards and provide rubbish bins.
Goodman fielder marketing and communications manager Marcus Brouggy said the people of Gabagaba needed to be proud with what they had done working together as unified to establish the “wonderful initiative”.
“We are happy to support your initiative and it is helping to improve your environment and hopefully what you are doing here will spread out in ripples across the country and become a national scheme,” Brouggy said.