Villagers kill pirate after being told to protect themselves

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A GROUP of villagers killed a pirate in Milne Bay after being told by police that they have the right to protect themselves, provincial police commander Supt Peter Barkie says.
“The villagers slashed a pirate to death with knives on Ferguson Island, Esa’ala district during a week of awareness conducted by police,” he said.
The people were told to take measures to protect themselves.
“The villagers tracked down a pirate who had held up a boat with his gang last month and (knifed) him while his gang members fled,” he said.
Barkie said the boat loaded with passengers and goods was heading to Alotau from Kiriwina Island.
“The passengers were returning from attending the Milamala Festival.
“As the boat was passing Goodenough Island, the pirates came in a dinghy, boarded the boat and ransacked it.
“They then sped off towards Ferguson Island.”
Barkie said when the villagers heard of the piracy incident, they tracked down the pirates after some of the passengers from Ferguson Island had identified them.
“They found the pirates celebrating on an isolated beach on Ferguson Island with alcohol stolen from the boat,” he said.
One was killed while the others fled.
Barkie said the maritime province had only 83 policemen.
“The population is 277,000.
“The ratio is one policeman to look after 3,037.
“We can’t look after everyone.
“So we are conducting awareness to empower the people to protect themselves.”

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