Villagers praised for protecting cargo

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013


EASTERN Highlands police commander Supt John Kale has commended the people of Daulo Pass for protecting cargo of a truck that ran off the highway last week.

“The people of Daulo, who are notorious for looting trucks, have finally decided against looting the Traisa transport highway truck that ran off the highway last Thursday night. 

“It remained at the site the whole weekend but the locals decided to look after the truck and the contents of its container,” Kale said.

He said 11 out of the 13 trucks that ran off the highway at Daulo Pass between June last year and June this year, were looted.

He added that for the first time the people of Daulo cooperated and decided against looting the contents of the truck containers.

“I strongly commend them for the good attitude and behaviour. 

“I encourage them to maintain the good attitude and they must be good examples for others living along the Highlands Highway,” Kale said.

When the truck ran off to the left side of the highway as it was heading west at around 3am last Friday,  ramming into a family market house and smashing half of it.

Fortunately the truck did not hit the other side of the house where the family was sleeping and no one was injured, including the driver.

James Amoi, whose family was almost killed, said the truck ran into the family market house and destroyed 40 cartons of SP, soft drinks, a generator, personal items including television sets, radio and other household goods.

He estimated the damage caused at around K30,000.

Amoi, a candidate for the Lower Asaro local level government election, said the incident occurred at around 3am while the family was asleep.

He said the community refused to take the law into their hands to loot and destroy the truck.

“We looked after the truck and the containers with cargoes still intact, we demand the company to compensate us before removing the truck,” Amoi said.

Chrismas Umba, a community leader, said they had changed their attitude from highway truck looting and would look after any vehicles, facing problems at the Daulo Pass.

“We understand and accept the new transport infrastructure law and will look after the trucks and cargoes as well as the driver,” he said.  

Meanwhile, Watabung police have been providing the security for the truck since Thursday night.