Villages to get new school

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

THREE villages of Yarus area in Markham, Morobe, will have a primary school after 28 years.
Children of Amari, Tari and Nawatmaran villages will now attend a school in their village after 28 years of struggle for education services.
Acting Morobe provincial education advisor Keith Jiram announced the establishment of Amari Primary School last Saturday.
The proposed school will serve children of the three villages as well as surrounding villages of Marafau and Zumara. The new school took its first elementary intake this year.
The school will ease the long and difficult walk children as young as four years-old take each day past the Lake Mami to Dantap village to Nawatmaran Primary School.
Jiram said the four-hour walk up the mountain to the nearest school was risky because of the flowing Mangyang River.
The villagers will identify land to build the new school.
The three villages went without education services since September 06, 1988, after a huge landslide buried 78 people in Mitsing, Zumara and Marafau villages along Mangyang River.
The river swelled and washed downstream all sediments that built up and covered the old Nawatmaran Primary School that used to serve children in seven villages of Nawatmaran, Amari, Mitsing, Tari, Samaran, Yampua and Dantap in Yarus area of Markham.