Violaris, board have museum staff support

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The National- Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 I REPLY to the article “Theft at the museum as there is no boss” (The National, Dec 23) because I think it is only fair that you report the ëother’ side of the story as well.

The board of trustees (BOT) headed by president Julius Violaris is doing the right thing! 

The press release referred to has a hidden agenda and that is to stop Violaris and his board clean-up the mess of the past in the museum, mostly the systematic stealing by a handful of senior staff through the accounts and/or the payroll system of the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG).

Violaris and his board are out to stop that and make the NMAG an institution you and I, as Papua New Guineans, can be proud of.

I know the board of trustees is very capable and I appeal to the courts and the National Executive Council to settle this matter of the appointment of a director at NMAG once and for all.

For once in its life the NMAG has had money in its accounts for the whole of 2010. This is one result of what the NMAG board of trustees under Violaris had put in place. 

Thank you, Violaris and your board! The silent majority of NMAG staff are with you.



Junior officer

via email