Violence in Kundiawa concerns Kua


SINASINA-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua, is concerned about the escalation of violence in Kundiawa town following a dispute over the recount of Chimbu regional seat.
The Electoral Commission wants the recount done in Lae but a group of people are blocking the removal of the ballot boxes from the Kundiawa police station, demanding that it be done in Jiwaka or Goroka.
The National Court which ordered the recount after an election petition filed by former Governor Noah Kool had left it to the Commissioner to pick which town to have the recount in.
“The Electoral Commissioner elected Lae city as the counting centre. That was his constitutional discretion and he exercised it,” Kua said.
“But he failed to give the reason why he chose Lae.
“The supporters have taken matters into their own hands which has seen to upsurge in violence, and law and order related problems in Kundiawa.
“It has now become very difficult for people to come to town to obtain goods and services.
“I urge the Electoral Commissioner to be flexible and reconsider the venue for the recount.
“The two closest towns are Minj or Banz in Jiwaka and Goroka in Eastern Highlands.
“Goroka being a bigger town and having all the relevant support infrastructure is the logical place for the recount.
“There is no reason why Goroka should not be a venue.
“I urge the Electoral Commissioner to bring the recount to Goroka.
“The people of Chimbu have no problem with the court’s decision for a recount outside Chimbu.”